Cheatham Hill Memorial Park

Cheatham Hill Memorial Park provides a consistent place for family and friends to visit and connect with loved ones, long after a funeral has passed.

Cheatham Hill Memorial Park has been providing families and friends a serene, calm place to pay tribute to the lives and legacies of their loved ones since its establishment in 1979. Our memorial park, locally owned and operated, is located next to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, along Dallas Highway in Marietta, Georgia. The serene, peaceful grounds and state-of-the-art facilities provide a place for permanent remembrance and we welcome individuals of all religions and cultures.

Features of Our Memorial Grounds

Our memorial park is situated on 40 acres of rolling hills, and beautiful landscaping. The grounds feature a cemetery for aboveground entombment, ground burials and cremations, and our Cascading Waters Cremation Garden.

Aboveground entombments are an alternative to traditional ground burials. They feature beautiful structures and rooms, built above the surface of the earth. There are a variety of options for aboveground entombments including singular mausoleums and private family tombs. Surrounded by beautiful landscaping, they provide visitors private areas for remembrance and reflection.

Ground burials traditionally bury a casket below ground. However, they are also a lovely choice for families who opt for cremation, as it provides a permanent physical location for the memorialization of their loved one.

Cremations provide families with more options when it comes to final arrangements. Popular choices for final resting places can include scattering at sentimental locations or placement in aboveground entombments, ground burial sites, or our Cascading Waters Cremation Garden. This beautiful garden features waterfalls, walking paths, and greenery designed to help visitors reminisce and feel tranquility as they sit or stroll.

Our dedicated and caring staff are here for you and your family, whether you are in need of immediate assistance or are planning for the future. We guarantee consistent honesty, kindness and professionalism in all of our funeral services and burial and cremation options.

We will help you understand all your memorial options at Cheatham Hill Memorial Park so you will feel secure in the fact that the memory of you or your loved one will be honored and live on.

Contact Cheatham Hill Memorial Park

If you are planning final arrangements for yourself or a loved one, please tour our facilities and grounds. For a better idea of layout, we have provided an online map of Cheatham Hill Memorial Park and a map of the Cascading Water Cremation Garden, including our surrounding grounds, on our sister website.

Call our Marietta funeral home to schedule a tour of Cheatham Hill Memorial Park today: (770) 741-2505.