On-Site Crematory and Cremation Garden

Cremation is an honorable and popular alternative to traditional burials. Southern Cremations & Funerals owns and operates a private crematory that is located on-site and run by our licensed crematorium staff.

Our facility is state of the art, assuring that the cremation process takes place in a dignified location. Our staff personally oversees every aspect of the process, giving those who select cremation the promise and peace of mind that their loved one never leaves our attention or care.

Southern Cremations & Funerals is a landmark in the community, not only due to its location, but also because we are locally owned and operated. In business for over 35 years, you can be confident in our services and trust that we uphold our high standards and code of ethics.

Cremation Service Choices

Depending on the wishes of your family, a cremation can occur at different periods of the memorialization process. Cremation can occur before or after services. Services can allow individuals to share grief, comfort each other, and celebrate the life of the departed.

Direct cremation means there is no public event. Some families do this when they choose to hold private memorials at home or at another specific location.

Sometimes families choose to cremate after a public visitation and service is held. This allows friends and family to say their farewells. Other times cremation can occur before a memorial service. Memorial services can be held in our funeral home, chapel, your own place of worship, or at another predetermined location.

Personalized services can be added to any traditional arrangement. Sometimes religious and environmental concerns are the reason individuals choose cremation, and other times family is fulfilling the last wishes of their loved one.  Regardless of your reasoning and service arrangements, our staff will work closely with you to design a distinctive tribute and handle each cremation with utmost care.

Commemorating a Loved One

Southern Cremations & Funerals offers a variety of cremation caskets and containers that are sure to suit every family’s budget and service needs. After services and cremation, our facility offers many options for personalized memorials and interment including:

  • A niche in the columbarium
  • Burials
  • Benches in the Cascading Waters Cremation Garden

In addition to these interment options, Southern Cremations & Funerals offers three urn options:

  • Companion urns keep those who were inseparable in life, together afterward. These two-part urns keep couples close for eternity.
  • Scattering urns provide families with an option, the urn can be used for scattering at a predetermined location. A keepsake urn can hold a portion of the cremated remains to take home.
  • Memorial urns are symbolic pieces that create a permanent monument that can be taken home, placed in one of our glass front niches, Cascading Waters Cremation Garden, or buried in the Cheatham Hill Memorial Park.

Southern Cremations & Funerals also offers memorial jewelry in a variety of designs that hold a portion of a loved ones cremated remains, keeping them close to you always.

Our on-site crematory, crematorium professionals, and funeral directors will give your family unlimited options for commemorative services, interment, and keepsakes. Personalize and honor your loved one with Southern Cremations & Funerals in Marietta, GA.

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